“Joy Bringer”

Two years ago a lovely friend died unexpectedly.

Her death sent shock waves through all who knew her.

She was a person full of life and passion.

Most of all she had a big heart,

And brought much joy into the lives of those she encountered.

Her death left a void in our lives.

Even now it still seems odd not to see her out and about in town.

Stopping to have a chat,

Whilst our children rolled their eyes,

Waiting impatiently for us.

The last time I saw her,

We said we must sort a proper time to sit down and have a proper catch up.

Sadly we never got to do this.

My friend was a person who always had 5 minutes for people,

Always brought laughter into the conversation,

And was a joy to spend time with.

Since her death I have quietly done stuff to bring joy to others.

Sometimes it is something simple as a cheery hello and saying how lovely they look.

Other times it has been to send cards just to remind folk that they are loved and that they matter.

But the best kind of joy has been sending unexpected gifts to brighten up people’s days.

I do this in memory of my friend,

The original Joy Bringer,

Because life is all about finding the joy in small things,

And sharing it with others.

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