“The Choice”

Last night many parents dropped off their excited kids off at a concert in Manchester smiling and telling them to have a good time. 

A few hours later their world was shattered by one person who decided in his warped view that he had the right to destroy life for his cause.

Those left behind have to pick up the pieces of their lives without their loved one. Most will torture themselves with the question “Why did I let them go?” all because of one person’s action. If he hasn’t chosen to act the way he did, those kids would be home safe with their families. Instead their parents are having to sit by their beds willing them to win their battle against injury or worst still having to do the unimaginable planning a funeral.

Already there is a backlash against anyone seen as “foreign” or from sharing the same religion. These people are no different from you or I. They did not carry out this senseless action. 

The only person our anger should be directed at is the person who deliberately carried out this action. He made that choice. He didn’t have to but choose to do so. 

Your average person regardless of race, age, gender or beliefs does not make choices to kill others. We all have the choice to make good and bad decisions in our lives that may impact on others. The responsibility of that lies solely with us and we should not be blaming or taking out our anger on those who have nothing to do with this.


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