“Sorting The Wheat From The Chaff.”

Unless you’ve been burying your head in the sand you’ll know that Election Day is almost upon us.

It can be confusing to know where to place your cross in the voting booth when having been bombarded with so much information from various political parties that your head is reeling.  The difficulty comes in sorting the wheat from the chaff, knowing what is a solid promise and not one built upon lies or unlikely to come to fruitation. 

So how do we make a choice knowing that our vote will make a difference. Note I said make a difference when so many out there say they don’t vote as it won’t make a difference. Every single vote made does make a difference. Your vote could be the one to swing the vote in favour of an MP in a closely contested seat.  Your vote will make a difference not only locally but nationally in the decisions and policies made.

When you vote consider the following factors; how will it impact on me if this MP/Party is in power? How will it impact on my family and friends? How will it impact on my local area? How will it impact nationally not just in the short term but long term? 

Think about whether the candidates up for election in your area will be proactive in listening to you/the local community, providing support and taking action that is of benefit to the wider community both in the short and long term. They will be your voice and vote for the next few years in Parliament, so don’t be waylaid by what political party they are in, or their Leader because at the end of the day it is them that speak and act for you in Parliament.

So use your vote wisely, weigh up the pros and cons, making sure that you make your vote count by putting a cross in the box of the candidate that you feel will work in the interests of those that voted for them, rather than toe the party line or to prioritise their own view/interests above everyone else.


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