Aunty Betty

Today our beloved Aunty Betty went home to Heaven.

She was a lady full of determination, a passion for life and loved her family deeply.

She was at her most happiest when spending time with the youngest members of the family telling stories, playing games with them or just simply enjoying watching them playing.

The joy in her face when meeting the latest additions to the family was always lovely to witness.

When Ian and his siblings were younger she used to make up stories about a boy called Jonathan Jim who was a goody goody by all account. She was not amused when they decided to kill him off!

She was also a great talker who would talk for hours on end. Often used to repeat stories or got crossed with her nephews and nieces if they didn’t recall who she was talking about. It usually transpired that said person has long since died before they were born!

To look at her you would have never known that this was a lady who had travelled the world and has so amazing stories to share about her life such as when training to be a Midwife living in the community under the watchful eye of the Matron who was a stickler for rules.

She cared deeply for people and ended her working life late as a warden for elderly people. It used to amuse us greatly that this elderly Aunt of ours would talk about all the old people not realising that most of us saw her as elderly too. It especially tickled us that she would go on holidays abroad telling us that she was acting as an escort for the elderly.

She adored animals and in her later life enjoyed coming to our house as our cats would happily curl up purring on her lap whilst she stroked them gently. They weren’t always best pleased when she ejected them to go home!

She used to drive us nuts by deciding to go to the loo at the last minute just as we were about to sit down to eat, or standing in the doorway talking totally unaware that she was blocking access to anyone else wanting to enter or leave the room.

She was a teetotaller so it caused great amusement amongst the family one year when she accidentally drank a small glass of wine declaring it as the best apple juice she has ever tasted. I don’t think any of us dared to tell her the truth.

She had a strong faith and this was steady-fast to the end. She loved God with all of her heart and took time to pray and share her faith with others.

Today she has gone home to be with her Heavenly Father. She is free of all her aches and pains. In that we rejoice, but we hope she isn’t blocking the door talking to her beloved Heavenly Father or there’ll be a long line of impatient people behind her waiting to join the Heavenly Party.

Aunty Betty

“Every penny counts…”

It can be hard to know how to give when you are aware that every penny counts.

So when challenged by church to help raise money to build a new centre that will benefit all in the community. I was uncertain how much I could give, when I had so little to offer in comparison to others.

Then an ideal opportunity presented itself to me, where I could give wholeheartedly with a cheerful heart.

I didn’t know how much we would make, but as my friend Jane said, “Every little counts. We might only raise enough for a packet of screws and a hammer but it all counts!”

So Jane and I took part in a tabletop sale selling toys, baby items, books and clothes having decided that any money we made would goes towards St Thomas’ “Heart of the City” building project.

We raised enough to buy several packets of screws, two hammers, some bricks, a large pot of paint, tea bags and biscuits!