“A purrfect life…“

We got Molly cat when she was a tiny little kitten. She was abandoned under a bush rather the worse for wear.

Our friends rescued her and in turn gifted us with our beautiful girl. We were incredibly blessed to have Molly as our cat. She was so loving with an incredibly loud purr.

Losing her in September after almost 19 years was incredibly painful. It’s hard to explain to those who don’t know how much a beloved pet can leave their paw prints on your heart.

“Goodbye Mog” is a beautiful but heart rending story about a beloved cat who died, written by Judith Kerr. In the story in time the family go on to adopt another little kitten.

So today we found space in our heart to welcome little Penny who was found living with her Grandma, Mum and sister at the bottom of someone’s garden.

Penny doesn’t know it yet, but she will have a purrfect life with us, just as Molly did.

Molly Cat

She arrived into our lives as a small feisty feral kitten but mellowed into a beautiful big old cat.

She loved nothing more than to have a tiny dab of butter to lick, and was delighted when she was able to score tidbits such as ham and chicken.

In her older years she would demand food loudly and position herself in the kitchen to be the first in line to eat!

As a young cat she had a male admirer in the shape of Dinky, one of our neighbours’ cat who thought she was simply the best thing since sliced bread. She was aloof but allowed him to come and sit near her in companionship.

She was not ameowed when Harry cat joined our family but he soon won her over. You would frequently find them snuggled up happily together.

Then the children started arriving. She adored our eldest and would follow her around, snuggle up and get worried when when she was upset. This love continues until the end where she would choose to go and chill out in our eldest’s room purring like mad when being stroked by her.

She took a bit more adjustment to the next two arrivals but soon adapted.

She was a gentle cat and tolerated a lot of “love” from the children including them dressing her up in silly hats etc.

However if they annoyed her she wasn’t averse to giving them a warning growl before smacking them if they didn’t toe the line.

If anyone was sad or ill, she would often go and sit by them purring loudly to provide comfort.

Dodger cat joined our family and she was most definitely not impressed with him. He adored her and she hated him equally. Over time she mellowed and would on the rare occasion let him come and sit near her but never to snuggle despite his best attempts to persuade her otherwise.

She has faced a number of illness over the years but battled through them stoically. She loved taking her medicine much to our amusement and was always good at the vet bar the one time she swiped one for prodding her a wee bit too hard.

She loved most of all to eat and sleep. As she got older she had a set routine for her day and would complain if we failed to comply in carrying out her demands.

Many a day has been spent just stroking her whilst she purrs, lifting her up and down onto chairs and beds on the days her arthritis was bad along with meeting her demands for food.

For a feral kitten she has had an amazing long life full of love. What more could a cat have asked for?

Molly cat on her 1st and last day with us.

“Dodger the cat”

Just over a week ago we received an email asking if we would be willing to adopt a tabby Devon Rex cat in need of a new home.

So my oldest child and I set off on a long journey across the country leaving the rest of our family to indulge themselves playing games, watching Star Wars films and having a sneaky MacDonalds.

We stayed overnight with my gorgeous Nanny who insisted on feeding us until we could eat no more, and even then she wasn’t convinced we were full!

A few miles away the following day we went to pick up Dodger the cat. He was friendly but wary at the same time.

The rescue lady gave us a brief history of his background and then after signing some paperwork he became ours.

We made the return journey home with Dodger voicing his disapproval of being contained in the cat carrier every now and again, but relaxed and went to sleep when we played classical music to him.

He purred with delight during our stops when he was allowed out of the carrier to wander around the car.

On arrival home Dodger was happy to explore downstairs but appeared a little jumpy if unsure of noises.

A week on and we’re still getting to know him. He has met Molly and is desperate to be her friend so he can snuggle up to her. So far Molly is not having any of it. He is allowed to eat and sit near her but too close she gives him a warning hiss. Possibly in time he will convince her to let him snuggle close but we’ll see.

We’ve been trying to figure out what Dodger likes to do and discovered accidentally that he enjoys playing Fetch. So the children have enjoyed throwing paper and toy crinkly mice for Dodger to chase and retrieve. Who needs a dog when you have a cat that plays Fetch?!

He is still very wary of loud noises and if there are too many people in the room but is slowly adapting. He loves to purr and weave in and out around our legs. He particularly enjoys it once the children are in bed and he can sit on us to doze in peace.

He is very interested in going out to explore and meows crossly if spots us out in the garden. It will be a wee while before he will be ready to go out as want him to feel more settled in our house and also so his microchip is updated to our address in case he does get lost.

It’s weird having another cat in the house again, especially as we’re still adjusting to life without Harry cat. However I’m sure that Harry cat would have approved of us adopting Dodger to give another cat a chance of happiness with our family.

I’m sure in time Dodger will settle in and it will seem like he’s always been here.

“Adjusting to life without Harry Cat”

It’s been a week and two days since we lost our gorgeous grumpy Harry cat.

Slowly we are all adjusting to the Harry shape hole in our lives but every now and again his loss hits us hard like a kick in the stomach.

It’s funny really you don’t expect a pet to have that much impact on your lives but it isn’t until they have gone that you realise how much they make up a part of your family.

I miss him stalking me around the house wanting to be involved in whatever I was doing, even if at times he was a pest trying to break into the bathroom whilst I was using the facilities or attempting to trip me up in the kitchen whilst making meals.

I miss him shouting at the kids to go to bed, waiting outside their bedrooms whilst we finished reading stories and then running down the stairs chirping happily knowing he would get a cuddle from me once I sat down on the sofa.

I miss him shouting at me for food and then gobbling it down fast as though he has never eaten before.

I miss watching him wandering around the garden sniffing at the plants and finding a nice sunny spot to have a snooze. I miss laughing at him running like a loon with a “what the heck?!” expression on his face back into the house if there was so much as a gust of a wind or a noise he was unsure of.

I miss him playing “Top Cat” with Molly cat where they attempted to outdo each other in getting the best position to sit on me. He would usually win by jamming himself high up on my chest not caring that I couldn’t see past him. He wasn’t adverse to sitting on top of Molly cat or biting her bottom to make her move either!

I miss his grumpy face when not amused by the antics of our family or friends as he had a cracking grumpy face.

I miss his playful and inquisitive nature never being able to resist playing with toys that moved or taking great pleasure in pushing things off the side just because he could.

I miss him demanding to be cuddled even when it was not convenient, such as when busy trying to do work on the laptop. He would scramble up onto the table and purposeful sit on my notes or blocking my view of the laptop before purring with pleasure when I removed him and placed on my lap.

I miss seeing him stretch out on the radiator happily embracing the heat. I miss seeing him snuggled up with Molly cat or asleep side by side in the Ikea storage unit we have that they claimed as their sleeping quarters at night.

I miss seeing his big ears throwing a shadow against the curtains when the car lights caught him in the window. All of us giggling and saying in unison “Bat cat waiting for us!” and then watching him dash from the window round to the door to greet us.

I’m not the only one missing him. The children go and place flowers and gifts on his grave looking deep in thought before making statements such as “Harry’s dead. We don’t have a boy cat anymore that makes me sad.” or “Harry an angel cat now. He’s probably being grumpy and hissing at the angels.” My eldest is finding it hard not having him snuggle up to her whilst she reads in bed or watches teen drivel on her I-pad.

It’s not just us humans that are missing Harry cat. Molly cat is too. She’s been quieter and wanting more reassurance strokes and cuddles. She’s not eaten as much and has thrown up through anxiety a number of times.

Harry cat may have been small but he had such a big personality and presence in our lives that it is going to take some time for us to adjust for he left pretty big paw prints over all our hearts.

“Goodbye Mother Cat…” 

My female human informed me that my Mother Cat died earlier this week.

She was ever so sad for her Nanny who loved my Mother Cat so, as she meant the world to her.

My Mother Cat was truly spoilt, eating the finest food, pampered and catered for at every whim regardless of the time. And when I say regardless of the time, I mean any time day or night!

My Mother Cat used to sleep curled up inside a cashmere jumper under a heat pad next to the radiator. Pure bliss!

But what did my Mother Cat offer in return to her human? She provided companionship, snuggling up next to her human, whilst being stroked and talked to. She provided a lifeline to her human, who struggles to get out due to age and health. 

Humans who don’t have pets, or understand the loneliness of days pasting without much interaction from others, cannot fathom why this kind of loss has such a deep impact on the humans that do.

My small humans were very sad too, as they knew how much their Nanny loved my Mother Cat. They always enjoyed giving my Mother Cat affection during visits, and were amused by her meowing at them, most likely to say “Leave me to catnap in peace!”

For some years now (with the help of my female human) I have sent my Mother Cat and her human letters from me to update on life with my humans. It will seem strange not to send these to my Mother Cat now.

Goodbye Mother Cat, you have been a loyal and faithful companion to my Human’s Nanny. You were blessed to have her as your human.

All my purrfect love, Your loving son Harry Cat xxx