Molly Cat

She arrived into our lives as a small feisty feral kitten but mellowed into a beautiful big old cat.

She loved nothing more than to have a tiny dab of butter to lick, and was delighted when she was able to score tidbits such as ham and chicken.

In her older years she would demand food loudly and position herself in the kitchen to be the first in line to eat!

As a young cat she had a male admirer in the shape of Dinky, one of our neighbours’ cat who thought she was simply the best thing since sliced bread. She was aloof but allowed him to come and sit near her in companionship.

She was not ameowed when Harry cat joined our family but he soon won her over. You would frequently find them snuggled up happily together.

Then the children started arriving. She adored our eldest and would follow her around, snuggle up and get worried when when she was upset. This love continues until the end where she would choose to go and chill out in our eldest’s room purring like mad when being stroked by her.

She took a bit more adjustment to the next two arrivals but soon adapted.

She was a gentle cat and tolerated a lot of “love” from the children including them dressing her up in silly hats etc.

However if they annoyed her she wasn’t averse to giving them a warning growl before smacking them if they didn’t toe the line.

If anyone was sad or ill, she would often go and sit by them purring loudly to provide comfort.

Dodger cat joined our family and she was most definitely not impressed with him. He adored her and she hated him equally. Over time she mellowed and would on the rare occasion let him come and sit near her but never to snuggle despite his best attempts to persuade her otherwise.

She has faced a number of illness over the years but battled through them stoically. She loved taking her medicine much to our amusement and was always good at the vet bar the one time she swiped one for prodding her a wee bit too hard.

She loved most of all to eat and sleep. As she got older she had a set routine for her day and would complain if we failed to comply in carrying out her demands.

Many a day has been spent just stroking her whilst she purrs, lifting her up and down onto chairs and beds on the days her arthritis was bad along with meeting her demands for food.

For a feral kitten she has had an amazing long life full of love. What more could a cat have asked for?

Molly cat on her 1st and last day with us.

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