“Adjust… pause…action!”

It’s a couple of weeks since I upgraded to my latest cochlear implant processor.

It’s taken a little while to adjust controlling the various settings by using my iPhone rather than pressing various buttons on my processor. There is a brief pause in sound as I switch from one setting to another which annoys me slightly particularly when needing to answer a telephone call as have to wait for it to kick in before I can speak to the caller.

It also seem to randomly reset itself to a noise reducing programme whenever I have used the loop. Not sure if the audiologist set it to do this or if it one of those random kinks in the programme settings. This inevitability means I have to faff about changing the settings again whenever I switch the loop off.

Some sounds are still TOO LOUD such as paper rustling. I need to get a sensitivity programme setting put on as the audiologist didn’t add this. I have found out that they can do this from talking to other CI Users online.

Onto the positive stuff… the sound quality is on the whole much sharper and clearer which makes it easier to follow conversations.

I discovered by accident that if I have Bluetooth on, I can listen to a video, play music or have a telephone conversation on my iPhone, via an internal loop which kicks in automatically. It is fab, the sound quality is really clear. It is like having internal headphones as no one else can hear what is being said or played when this internal loop kicks in. The first time this happened I was grinning so much in delight, that the sprogs were looking at me like I had lost the plot!

I have three programmes currently on my processor. Programme 1 is the main one I use. Programme 2 reduces some of the background noise so that what is in front of me is louder. Programme 3 is Forward Focus which cuts out background noise dramatically to a whisper and amplifies the voice of the person whom I am facing. I tested this out today at our church picnic as was struggling to hear above the LOUD music that was being played despite turning the volume right down on my processor. It was impressive how well this worked in supporting me to hear the conversation of those I was talking too, but at the same time a little weird that I couldn’t hear what was going on around me.

I have been using programme two when in the car on my own to listen to the radio as it’s good practice for me to listen to a range of voices. So it’s been a pleasure to actually be able to follow more of what’s been said on the radio rather than guessed what’s been said. This only really works for me if there’s one speaker without background noise or music.

I have solved the annoying wrap around ear hook issue by using the smaller ear hook (not a wrap around one) which came with the aqua kit. Feeling smug that it has stayed put despite the audiologist stating that it wouldn’t stay on for extended periods.

Haven’t yet had the courage to test the aqua kit out as slightly scared that I might not fit it altogether correctly and end up destroying my processor accidentally! I will pluck up the courage at some point I am sure.

I have been really tired the last couple of weeks and suffering from headaches. It took me a few days to twig that it was linked to getting used to my new processor. Hopefully as I get used to it I won’t feel so wiped out by the end of the day to the extent that I am switching my implant off in the evenings just to have some quiet time.

What’s been lovely is how my workplace has been really supportive in meeting my needs and providing training in deaf awareness to those that I work with so that they are more aware of the issues I face and what they can do to support me. My work colleagues are a lovely bunch and pretty on the ball anyway recognising when I need to have five minutes away from it all, providing a brew or some snacks to re-energise me or making sure that I am included in conversations. It might not seem a big deal to the average person but for someone like me it makes such a difference knowing that I am supported to be part of the team, rather than on the fringe desperately trying to make sense of it all.

So it’s been an interesting couple of weeks adjusting to my new processor and there are a couple of little kinks to sort out but overall I’m impressed with it. Technology moves so very fast that it’s hard to imagine what the next upgrade will involved but for now I shall enjoy the advancements made in the last few years to get me to where I am now.

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