Nuclear 7 Upgrade

After 5 and a bit years I have been upgraded to the newer implant (the outer but not the bit that’s inside my head). It’s a bit like upgrading your mobile to a newer model.

The sound quality is meant to be sharper but will take a little while for me to adjust to it. At the moment it sounds slightly echoey and some sounds are a bit too LOUD such as rustling paper.

The aid that I wear on the outside of my head is smaller and lighter. They have provided an ear hook which I’m not too entirely keen on as feel like I’m wearing a mic! But guess I will get used to it as apparently if I just use an ear hook like my previous one it is more likely to fall off.

I have also been provided with an aqua kit which means for the first time ever I can go swimming with my aid on rather than swimming in a world of silence. Slightly nervous about testing it out as have to make sure I fit all the parts on correctly to ensure it is watertight. A bit daunting when aware that my aid is worth over £5000 so not a lot of room for error!

The coolest thing about my new implant is that I can control it using my mobile phone. I can adjust the volume and programmes easily according to the environment I’m in. At tea tonight I turned it way down as the family were being a tad too noisy for my liking!

I also like the fact if someone calls me now on my mobile the loop setting automatically kicks in if I have the Bluetooth setting switched on my mobile. This will hopefully help me a great deal as one of my biggest anxieties is around making voice calls when I am on my own as can struggle to hear these.

So it will take a little while for my brain to adapt to the changes that the new implant brings so be patient with me if I’m not quite on the ball when we next talk.

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