That old chestnut.

The one that fills you with dread,

Jolting you awake from your restless slumber.

Leaving you unable to sleep.

You feel totally exhausted because you have to battle to get through the day without becoming an emotional wreck,

When all you want to do is run and hide until you feel in control again,

Because your brain is running at hyper speed overanalysing and installing fear into every decision even if it isn’t one that will make a jot of difference in the long run.

Some days it just hovers at the edge.

Other days it totally overwhelms you,

And you just don’t know where to turn,

Or what to do,

Because you’re so afraid of it all falling apart,

Even if you know that logically it won’t do,

But it’s hard to reason with anxiety,

When it is in full panic mode.

It can be so hard for others to understand your anxiety,

Or how it can impacts on you,

Because it is not visible like a injury.

We’re so used to “just getting on with it”,

That it can be hard to take a step back and admit that we’re struggling to cope.

What can you do to help?

You can listen without judgement,

And allow us to offload,

Even if none of it makes sense to you.

You can hold us tight because we need that physical comfort to reassure us.

You can be there,

Reminding us that no matter how much we are struggling,

That you are there and you care.

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