“Every penny counts…”

It can be hard to know how to give when you are aware that every penny counts.

So when challenged by church to help raise money to build a new centre that will benefit all in the community. I was uncertain how much I could give, when I had so little to offer in comparison to others.

Then an ideal opportunity presented itself to me, where I could give wholeheartedly with a cheerful heart.

I didn’t know how much we would make, but as my friend Jane said, “Every little counts. We might only raise enough for a packet of screws and a hammer but it all counts!”

So Jane and I took part in a tabletop sale selling toys, baby items, books and clothes having decided that any money we made would goes towards St Thomas’ “Heart of the City” building project.

We raised enough to buy several packets of screws, two hammers, some bricks, a large pot of paint, tea bags and biscuits!


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