“Flumps’ Tree”

Some years ago we experienced the loss of our much wanted baby whilst I was pregnant.

It was a difficult and painful time in our lives, dealing not only with our loss but that of our eldest child who had been giddy with excitement that they were to become a big sibling.

In our grief we planted a fruit tree in our garden to remember “Flumps” by. It was tiny when we first got it and for a few years it only produced a tiny amount of fruit and these could be eaten whole in a couple of mouthfuls.

Sometimes you’ll see one of us at the bottom of the garden having a quiet moment to reflect stood or sat by “Flumps’ Tree”.

Occasionally you’ll find the odd handmade craft or picture made by one of our children dangling from the branches. These always make me smile.

Today as I went out to collect the fallen fruit on this stormy gusty day I stopped and looked at “Flumps’ Tree” standing strong in the storm bearing plenty of fruit of various sizes. It made me think of how far we have come as a family through the storms to enjoy the fruit of life.

Life isn’t easy and there are many twists and turns, but as long as we stand firm holding on through the storms of life, we’ll make it out through to the other side and have moments where we can enjoy the sweetness and joy of life too.

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