“Dodger the cat”

Just over a week ago we received an email asking if we would be willing to adopt a tabby Devon Rex cat in need of a new home.

So my oldest child and I set off on a long journey across the country leaving the rest of our family to indulge themselves playing games, watching Star Wars films and having a sneaky MacDonalds.

We stayed overnight with my gorgeous Nanny who insisted on feeding us until we could eat no more, and even then she wasn’t convinced we were full!

A few miles away the following day we went to pick up Dodger the cat. He was friendly but wary at the same time.

The rescue lady gave us a brief history of his background and then after signing some paperwork he became ours.

We made the return journey home with Dodger voicing his disapproval of being contained in the cat carrier every now and again, but relaxed and went to sleep when we played classical music to him.

He purred with delight during our stops when he was allowed out of the carrier to wander around the car.

On arrival home Dodger was happy to explore downstairs but appeared a little jumpy if unsure of noises.

A week on and we’re still getting to know him. He has met Molly and is desperate to be her friend so he can snuggle up to her. So far Molly is not having any of it. He is allowed to eat and sit near her but too close she gives him a warning hiss. Possibly in time he will convince her to let him snuggle close but we’ll see.

We’ve been trying to figure out what Dodger likes to do and discovered accidentally that he enjoys playing Fetch. So the children have enjoyed throwing paper and toy crinkly mice for Dodger to chase and retrieve. Who needs a dog when you have a cat that plays Fetch?!

He is still very wary of loud noises and if there are too many people in the room but is slowly adapting. He loves to purr and weave in and out around our legs. He particularly enjoys it once the children are in bed and he can sit on us to doze in peace.

He is very interested in going out to explore and meows crossly if spots us out in the garden. It will be a wee while before he will be ready to go out as want him to feel more settled in our house and also so his microchip is updated to our address in case he does get lost.

It’s weird having another cat in the house again, especially as we’re still adjusting to life without Harry cat. However I’m sure that Harry cat would have approved of us adopting Dodger to give another cat a chance of happiness with our family.

I’m sure in time Dodger will settle in and it will seem like he’s always been here.

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