“Great Aunty Jean”

Everyone has that relative. The one that spoils you rotten, has a great sense of humour and you were always guarantee to have fun in their company.

Mine was my Great Aunty Jean. She was a breath of fresh air with a twinkle in her eyes and an infective laugh.

She would take us out and spoil us rotten with mountains of sweet treats, McDonalds and trips out.

She would laugh at our antics and roll her eyes at my siblings and I if we started bickering.

If we ever complained we were bored she would say, “Bored? Only boring people are bored! I’m never bored. Go and have fun!”

She told fabulous stories and as a child it was hard to tell if she was telling the truth or pulling our legs.

She has false teeth and would with some egging on by us children slide them in and out of her mouth. We found it hilarious whilst our grown up relatives would roll their eyes at us all cackling away with mirth.

Despite her age she always seemed much younger than she was. She always took pleasure in folk mistaking her for our mother and not our Great Aunt even if we would look confused at how someone could possibly make that mistake.

She could be nosy at times and I recall one time one of my relatives had put a note inside a small cupboard in their new house knowing that my Aunty Jean wouldn’t be able to resist peeking in. The note said “Nosy Parker!” She thought it was hilarious when she found it.

She was a big animal lover especially of cats and this rubbed off on me. Her cat was her pride and joy.

She always had time for us and cared deeply for us.

As we got older, move away from home, started our own families we saw less of her over the years but whenever we did meet up that love she has for us all was still as strong as the twinkle in her eye.

And now she has gone. My lovely Great Aunty Jean has gone leaving behind a hole in our hearts but so many wonderful memories. She was a Great Aunty indeed.

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