“Left Behind…”

A couple of years ago we lost some family members, though not in the usual tragic way that you would think of. We lost them because they made a decision to walk away and disappear, without an explanation.

For those left behind, we have experienced a range of emotions since they disappeared. It’s almost like grieving a loss, but without actually having a reason why.

I don’t know if they still think of us, or if it has affected them the same way it has affected those of us left behind. 

I don’t think there’s been a day gone by, where not one of us has thought about them, wondering if they are ok, or caught a fleeting glance of someone in a crowd and pondered for a few seconds if it could possibly be them.

It’s hard to explain to our children why we can’t see these family members any more, or get in touch. To them it doesn’t make sense at all, how people can just be there one day and then chose to walk out the next.

It’s heartbreaking hearing our children grieve for those they have lost, and expressing their fears that they are beginning to forget what they look like with such raw pain.

This is the reality that we have to live with, and is echoed all over the land when people choose to walk away from their families and friends.

I don’t know if we’ll ever see them again, or find out the reason why, but this I do know; they will never be forgotten and the hope will always burn fiercely in our hearts that one day maybe they will make the choice to reconnect with us.

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