“Parenting through the mess”

As a parent you spend a lot of time sorting out your family, making sure that their every needs are met. It can be hard to switch off and relax.

So often you are busy thinking ahead to try and ensure things go smoothly. For example I could be sat relaxing, reading a book or watching tv in the evening after finally having wrestle the toddler into their pyjamas, sent the child back to bed several times and told the Tweenie to put away her mobile and go to sleep, when all of a sudden a random thought will pop into my head, and I think uh oh must sort before I forget! So I still don’t get time to myself even when the children are in bed because I find myself doing little tasks now, in case I forget to do it in the morning.

I am like the majority of my friends very self conscious about the state of my house, as it seems no matter how much you tidy up, there always seem to be a child untidying behind you! So I find myself apologising for the state of my house when friends called round. Which is daft really as the majority have houses in similar state to mine! There are the odd exceptions to this, and I look at their houses wondering where they find the time and energy to keep on top of it all.

I recall a few years ago feeling that I was failing as a mother, as I was struggling to juggle the demands of caring for a very young family alongside maintaining the house. Then a card arrived through the door from a friend. The timing of that card couldn’t have been any better and the message behind it was so apt in reminding me that no one was perfect, and that life with children is not mess free. What is important at the end of the day is that our children are loved and nurtured, not whether their clothes are wrinkled free and the floor clear of toys.


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