“Hopes and Dreams…”

Growing up, children play at being parents. We’ve all seen them pushing a doll or teddy in the pram mimicking the behaviour of those they observe around them.

As they get older, often conversations turn towards their future hopes and dreams. There can be very few of us who didn’t lie idley in the sun talking about how many children we would have, and what we would call them.

Then as we go onwards into adulthood and settle down, well meaning relatives and friends ask, or drop heavy hints about babies. You see it written in wedding cards too, such as “Here’s hoping for lots of little blessings!”

Whilst the majority of people go on to have children with relative ease, there are a number out there who sadly struggle to get pregnant or maintain a pregnancy.

Society is rubbish as a whole to acknowledge these losses. Remarks such as “Oh it was never a baby, just a collection of cells!”, “Obviously nature’s way of getting rid, as there was probably something wrong with it!” or the killer line “Never mind, you can always try again!” hurts deeply. That baby was very much wanted. That baby represented hopes and dreams.

Some people are open, whilst others are private about their loss. 

We need to be more aware and sensitive to those around us. We need to acknowledge their pain and sorrow. Most of all we need to realise that life is fragile, and that things don’t always turn out like we imagine.


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