“Goodbye Mother Cat…” 

My female human informed me that my Mother Cat died earlier this week.

She was ever so sad for her Nanny who loved my Mother Cat so, as she meant the world to her.

My Mother Cat was truly spoilt, eating the finest food, pampered and catered for at every whim regardless of the time. And when I say regardless of the time, I mean any time day or night!

My Mother Cat used to sleep curled up inside a cashmere jumper under a heat pad next to the radiator. Pure bliss!

But what did my Mother Cat offer in return to her human? She provided companionship, snuggling up next to her human, whilst being stroked and talked to. She provided a lifeline to her human, who struggles to get out due to age and health. 

Humans who don’t have pets, or understand the loneliness of days pasting without much interaction from others, cannot fathom why this kind of loss has such a deep impact on the humans that do.

My small humans were very sad too, as they knew how much their Nanny loved my Mother Cat. They always enjoyed giving my Mother Cat affection during visits, and were amused by her meowing at them, most likely to say “Leave me to catnap in peace!”

For some years now (with the help of my female human) I have sent my Mother Cat and her human letters from me to update on life with my humans. It will seem strange not to send these to my Mother Cat now.

Goodbye Mother Cat, you have been a loyal and faithful companion to my Human’s Nanny. You were blessed to have her as your human.

All my purrfect love, Your loving son Harry Cat xxx

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