“Over the hill?”

Recently I reach that age.  You know the one where it’s jokingly proclaimed that you are over the hill, and things go downwards from here?!

So am I over the hill?  According to my kids I’m “REALLY OLD!” and get asked questions like, “Were you alive during World War 2?”  Hmmmm…

I recall rolling my eyes at my parents when they used to ask who such and such was on the tv, or have a discussion that would go, “Oooh what’s he’s been in?” “Oh oh I know… wait it’ll come to me… he was in thingymajig!  You know that programme?!”  The worrying thing is that I’ve started having those conversations, and looking blank at the names of various “celebrities”  Though in my defence I wouldn’t really call some of these people celebrities, based on what they do or have done to be classed as a celebrity!  Does that make me old saying that?!  Possibly!

I also never understood either how my parents could be watching tv one minute, and in the next fast asleep.  I do now.  It’s called exhaustion after a long busy day of juggling work and life.  It’s the stage where your energy level is no longer like Durrell batteries which go on forever.  Instead you’ve been left with the cheap batteries from the local pound shop, that lasts 5 minutes if you’re lucky, because the kids have nicked all the decent batteries.  They bounce around full of energy, whilst you stumble around like a zombie, seeking not flesh but your bed.

My face has definitely got a few more lines in it, and (whisper) there are strands of white appearing in my hair.  I also seem to have reach the stage that I don’t really care what other people think of my choice in clothing or shoes, whilst in the past I have fretted over it.  Having kids, especially those entering the teen years means that you are subjected to scrutiny over your clothes choice, which is a good test of the “Don’t care” attitude.  I must confess that I have suddenly decided that I quite like wearing skirts and dresses, which will come as a surprise to those of you who have known me a long time.  Mind you having conversations with a few friends of a similar age, it sounds like they are expressing similar desires, so maybe it is an age thing?!

Much to my amusement I have noticed that a popular gift for women on reaching a certain age is a scarf.  In fact on my own recent Birthday this was certainly the case.  I am now the owner of many scarves.  I have yet to learn how to wear them correctly, but am sure given a few years or so I shall become an expert wearer of scarves, that is, if I don’t accidentally throttle myself whilst wearing one, due to small child hanging off it, or a cat thinking it is a toy to leap at!

I find myself tutting more, shaking my head and rolling my eyes when seeing people doing things that I deem to be inappropriate behaviour.  Though to be fair, some like the teenager cyclist with a death wish, who decided recently to change course and swerved right across in front of me, most definitely deserved the disapproval look and tuts that I gave him.

So am I over the hill?  Well it depends what hill you’re talking about really.  The hill of staying up all night, drinking and still being full of energy the next day has definitely gone.  I like to think that I have gone past that hill, and found another one to explore.  I’m bound to find new experiences, ideas and passions on this one.  So I’m not going to stand at the bottom of this one, looking mournfully at the one behind me.  Onwards and upwards I say!












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