“Building a future together.”

This weekend along with my family, I have had the honour and joy to attend two weddings.

Both weddings were very different in their styles, but ultimately they both had the same aim. To declare the couple’s love and commitment to one another publicly in front of their family and friends.

It made me reflect back to my own wedding day, where my husband and I made our own commitment to one another. That day was filled with much joy, laughter and happy memories, along with one or two minor hiccups.

That day pinpointed a new chapter in our lives, where we went from being two independent people to that of a couple having to work together to build our future together.

At times it has been hard work being married, particularly when going through low points. It could have been easy to have given up, rather than to battle through. I recall hearing Michele Guinness talking once about marriage saying that “You fall in and out of love over the years.” It’s true you do, and not many will openly admit that. Those wise words of hers has stood me in good stead when we have gone through the low moments. Ultimately this has made our marriage stronger, because we have been prepared to battle to keep it going during these times, and it has enriched our relationship as a result.

As my friends enter this new stage in their lives, my hope and prayer for them is that they have the strength and determination to work together as a couple to build a firm foundation for their marriage which will see them through the highs and lows of their life together.


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