Pregnant Woman on a train…

Today as I travelled on a train I observed a lady rubbing her pregnant bump gently, smiling to herself as she watched, and felt her unborn child wriggling away inside.  

I wondered to myself how that relationship between mother and child would develop. Would she take to motherhood easily, or would she struggle and muddle her way through? Would she breastfeed, or would she go down the formula route? Would she be into wearing wraps/carriers with her baby nestled close to her, or would she proudly stroll along with a pram? Would she co-sleep or not? Would she believe in letting the baby cry it out, or would she be into attachment parenting? 

So many questions, answers I’ll never know. But one thing I do know is that regardless of her parenting choices, that woman on the train has a bond with her baby, one that can never be broken, because it is all consuming and overwhelming. 

What is that bond? It’s love, and I felt honoured to have witness it in action today amongst all the chaos of today’s world. Love conquers all.


One thought on “Pregnant Woman on a train…

  1. That’s beautiful Megan.And yes it is LOVE. The only thing that conquers anything negative.I love this piece you wrote.Thanks for sharing.xx


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