Communication Difficulties

Sometimes life as a deaf person is tough when you have to communicate with those around you.

Modern technology has made great advances in enabling better communication with the world, but ironically if it fails and the world doesn’t want to engage, there’s nothing you can do, and that’s frustrating.

Usually I shrug it off but when it happens repeatedly over the course of one day, it’s hard to get up, to hold one’s head high and to try again, without feeling that sense of despair and frustration.

Ironically my job is about empowering and enabling those who need support.  Today I was that person needing support, and it didn’t feel great.  Not that I didn’t appreciate the support given to me by those working around me, because without them I would have been in an even deeper rut communication-wise.  I just wanted to be able to get on with my job, without having to hinder others.

Sometimes life suck, and today was one of those days.


2 thoughts on “Communication Difficulties

  1. I know these days too well. Just go to bed, rest, recharge & hope for a communication faultless day tomorrow. There’s always tomorrow I say….


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