Creative Learning

Today my children along with many others all over the country took part in the “Let Kids Be Kids” campaign. A protest against the current education system which insists on testing them until all of the creativity spark is stamped out of them.

Nicky Morgan (Education Secretary) claims that it would be damaging for children to be out of school, even for one day. Well let me tell you something, today didn’t damage my children. They didn’t miss out on learning, as they did this through creative activities and play.

My oldest child learnt about nature, as took part in a nature trail.  My middle child learnt today how to create photosensitive images using leafs he found in the park.   They did a number of other activities too.

Today when I returned from work I wasn’t met by tired pale faced tearful dejected children. I was met by happy smiling children babbling excitedly about their day, keen to share what they had learnt with me.

For the first time in weeks on a school night my eldest child has gone to bed, full of confidence in herself. She’s not cried tonight either. Tomorrow may well be another story as she’ll be back in school doing those mock SATS test papers.

So tell me again Nicky Morgan how  is spending the day doing SATS preparation less damaging for my children, than going out and learning through creative play?


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