Stepping out of the comfort zone.

Like many people I use Facebook, and occasionally look back at previous posts.  I shared one recently, as it struck a chord with me.  A reminder to never accept things as they are, and to aim higher, even if it means stepping out of the comfort zone.  A friend felt that it should be shared with a wider audience, so here it is…

Sounding muffled…

Recently I noticed that I was starting to hear sound more muffled.  It was quite strange, almost like being back in the past pre-implant where I would be hearing fine, and then suddenly the sound would drop and anything heard came out all muffled.  Back in the days pre-implant, this was happening more and more, until gradually it became normal to hear sound muffled.  So when my implant was switched on, and the sound was no longer muffled it was like a real revelation to hear sounds so crisp and sharp again, after having spent so long in a muffled world.

I had forgotten about all this until Friday when I went to Manchester to get the muffled sound checked out.  It’s funny isn’t it, how you can forget things after a while, once you get used to things being as they are?

I went to my appointment on Friday taking in sounds around me, noticing that they were dull and muffled, and wondering just how many other sounds I was not hearing.  I was a tad anxious that maybe my implant was failing, and what implications that this would have for me if this were the case.

I arrived at my appointment, and the audiologist did various tests on my implant using specialistic computer equipment which could check the implant in my ear, and the processor on the outside.  It was quite fascinating watching a replica of the cochlear light up green, as each section of the coil was tested.   It wasn’t until the audiologist completed all the testing that I could relax secure in the knowledge that my implant was fine.

The sound problem turned out to be the processor.  All it needed was the audiologist to replace the faulty processor (which to be fair has been hard at work for a number of years and just worn out) for a new one.

It wasn’t until I went back out onto the streets of Manchester that I realise just how muffled sound had got again with the faulty processor, and I walked slowly along taking in the sounds of a busy city with awe and delight, just as I did that first day when my implant was switched on.  I bet there weren’t very many out there walking along that same stretch of road enjoying the sensation of hearing a busy city in action, most likely they were wishing it were quieter, or not even noticing, having got used to it as being normal for them.

It reminded me that we shouldn’t take for granted what we have, or even to accept things as they are, and that we should always strive for better.  If we stay within our comfort zone, we’ll never get to experience that joy and awe of something so much better, much more than we could ever imagine.  C Implant


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