First words

Well here we are having set up my very 1st blog site after persistent encouragement from friends to do so. There’s a small Weegie in Finland in particular who will be doing a jig of glee I suspect.

So what on earth does one write about? Family? Pets? Work? Politics? Entertainment? As one who tend to waffle to suddenly be put on the spot, it’s hard to know exactly what to write knowing that there’s an audience out there who will read it but you can’t watch their faces to try and gauge what they really think about it.  Something as daunting as that could induce writing block, except right now I seem to be blathering on about nothing in particular!

All I can say is that I can’t promise what I write be profound or have a lasting impression on you. It might purplex you especially when I’m just rambling… But I can live in hope that maybe just for a few minutes at least it makes you stop in your tracks and see the world through my eyes, before returning to yours.


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